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Ah, the primal joy of shooting rubber bands: on a simple-setup game field reminiscent of table football and billiards!

2 players set bug targets of various point values around the field, then take turns aiming at the prestigious butterfly and its entourage of insect companions with reckless abandon.

Zapitos was developed for the "Tiny Jam" at Philly Dev Night. In order to meet the theme requirements, less than $5 of materials had to be used to make the entire game. We took the challenge head-on, creating something that could be played practically anywhere, with anyone. The game has been tested and certified fun by children, elderly folks, people living in homeless shelters, and even nerds! It also won first place at the Tiny Jam.

We have continued to improve Zapitos, and the final prototype is now pending production. Please contact us at tabitha.artwork@gmail.com to be added to our email list, where those interested will receive updates on editions coming soon for sale.

Developed by Tabitha Arnold and Marinna Romero

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